Never Wait

Time passes and we wait.

We are waiting for something to be great

But what is it that we wait on?

We never know until it is gone.

What should we do when we wait?

Should we take life’s bait?

Or is it even bait or is it opportunity?

Taking leaps without immunity

Only will make us stronger in reality.

Faith should be our cup of tea

Inside this turmoil of a world

where nothing comes pretty and pearled.

But if there is one thing I have learned

That is not worth it if it gets burned.

Take your chances for the right things

And life will reward with the right wings

To fly to your perfect destiny of choice

And will always give you your voice.

Where you will always be heard

And never deferred.

Never just wait for life to pass you by 

Always reach up high.

Never stop until you reach the top

I know it sounds like some cliche chop

But I believe if you keep it basic

Your life will not feel so wasted.

Know that I believe in you 

So don’t wait anymore for things to turn blue.

And even when it gets too dark

Just remember you have a spark.

Never give up given the opportunity to shine

And let this be your sign.

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