A guest poetry- “will” by Tarebear the Writer from BOSTON



when you broke
my heart
I thought you
walked away with
the air I breathe
and left my lungs
and motionless.
I thought you
drained my blood
and left my shattered
heart unable to
contract and release
ever again.
I was wrong,
I will breathe on
I will will my heart
to beat on.
I will live on.
I will not let you kill me.
I am in charge of me
I can save me.
When you broke my heart
I thought you took my life
with you when
you left.
But no.
I can fight on

by: Tarebear the Writer 

something about the writer:

Tarebear the Writer is a slam poet and writer from Boston. She is a senior in high school and is currently working on self-publishing her first poetry book.

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Tarebear’s poetry has been published in the Teen Ink literary magazine. Her slam poems can be found on YouTube and her written poems can be found on her blog at 


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