I have written about ageing and middle age – so logically the step that I missed out is childhood. So here goes…

The times when the major issues in your life,

centers around unfinished homework and spats with friends.

When you don’t know troubles or strife,

That is your childhood, which you can’t wait to end.


Those games that you played, the winning and losing.

Hide and seek, chor-police, jumping rope or running chain.

Those long summer holidays, spent in travelling,

Mostly to your grandparents’ house – your kingdom and domain.


Those intermittent other holidays for Dussehra and Diwali,

Those times helping your mother make the snacks and sweets,.

Didn’t matter that the helping was mostly tasting and eating.

The bursting of crackers, the sharing of treats.


The excitement of new dresses, the happiness of unexpected leaves.

The wonders of learning something new, music, dance or art.

Those extremely rare movies that we got to see.

Those slides and swings in the neighbourhood park.


Those cartoons on television, those joys of discovery.

The pampering from everyone, the feeling you are the chosen one.

The coddling and pampering on the way to recovery.

from those myriad cuts and bruises and the occasional broken bone.


When you couldn’t wait to grow up and be older.

When you didn’t really actually appreciate the gift of childhood.

Looking back now, with hindsight and supposedly wiser.

I am sure most adults would love to go back if they could.








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