Can’t Wait

I can’t wait for it to be over forever

When all this was said “you drove her”

Far, far away from this place

Where I can feel good about my face

Where I can really be myself

I never asked for your so called help

You were never good for me

We just could never agree

I can’t wait til it’s all said and done

I can’t wait til it is time to run

I can’t wait until I no longer can hear you

When my thoughts calm the few

Only time will tell when I can leave 

this state where all I do is grieve

It is time for me to get out of here and go 

I couldn’t wait any longer for the end of the show 

Every time I began to show any feelings 

There was nothing left of those dealings

My mind and heart where never together

In this state I thought would be forever

I don’t think that I will miss you

Because I have already dismiss you

This is my new way of thinking

A new way to keep from sinking

I will be much stronger on my own 

Thought it wasn’t possible with a heart of stone

But it was you that held me down 

Always wearing that silly frown

But never again will I feel that way 

Because today is the day

For I am finally free

Cause I have a new state of mind to be

I have learned this emotional lesson

And now there is nothing to let the stress in


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