To Those Who Don’t Believe

For all those who didn’t believe

Who just state then leave

For all those who didn’t think

All things said without good drink

To all those who judged without understanding

To all those who become so demanding

To all those who thought I would fall

To all those who thought they knew it all

To all those who could care less

And loved leaving me in a mess

To all those who thought they could hurt me

Learned that all it does is alert me

To all those whom are good at lying

Forgot that I am better at trying

For those who wished I’d fail

I really wish you well

For I will succeed

And not give you what you need

I will be the best at being me

Sit back so you can see

You will never be able to bring me down

Because I will always be around

And I will always be myself

So put your hate away on the shelf

For it is not wanted here

And I promise you dear

I will overcome your hate

For it is never to late

I am great because I believe

And you are great at being naive

When you find yourself jealous

Wondering what it is to be over zealous

Beause you just didn’t believe in me

But it is me who is free



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