Like the deep vexatious fangs

Intending to tear my heart,

I have swallowed my tongue

From the whispers of love

Avoiding the deep mirror stares

At the transparent roof for stars

Never surpassing your cristal eyes

As my teeth peal my lips deeper
Deep seashore breaths weigh down

My lungs without you in sight

The seas should be deeper

Than the kiss needed to awake

My sleeping beauty

To sink deepest in the graves

Of my buried hearts ashes

And float back the lost fantasies
Speak, speak me a float

And save my wrecking soul

From the deep falls of echoes

The tunnel to your hanging pearl

Red and dark, below your lungs

Caged in bones and engrave 

My name in it, deeper than

My shadow has done on the ground

Upon waiting

Speak it, speak me a float

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