More Than Love

Have you ever felt so free

have you ever felt someone like me

I used to lie to myself that there wasn’t

any thing to not love doesn’t

I am always gone and you are always here

Needing you to be near

but you cant keep up with my chase

Not seeing through my masks of fake face

After all these years

And through all my tears

Our connection grows stronger

Our time remains infinite longer

In my dreams you shall stay

Never to ever fade away

In my life I hope you remain

Even through all the rough pain

Your love will give me praise

Deep in my heart it will remain always

Somewhere over the rainbow

where we came to understand and know

Thank you for never giving up on me

Helping me to relearn and able to see

Waiting a whole lifetime for you

only to understand what love is true

My love for you will never end

And you will always be my favorite best friend

so the time is fore-long

Where I can never do any wrong

And I will never forget

Nor will you regret

All that has been said

Cause we all love the color Red

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