A New Begin

A new year has begun

A new time to run

With each new day I learn

about us and the yearn

Change into a new time and space

Each time I look at your face

Between us as the world turns

As our love fiercely burns

We spend the turn of a new set of years

Without any tears or live fears

We have had the time of our lives

Just to wake up in a bed of knives

with all the mistakes and irresponsibilities

Yet you were there will all your ingenuities

To save me and set me free

Always said this is how we’d be

But indeed, actions speak louder than words

My crying heart is what you heard

And you did not let me down

There you were when I came around

I couldn’t get to you fast enough

The year before was too tough

I don’t know how I survived

Time without you left me deprived

Once I saw your smile looking down at me

I couldn’t help but to be

I ran to greet you, longing for your touch

Holding your embrace too tight to clutch

Tell the world we are coming home

Couldn’t live here all alone

Dance with me in the rain again

walk with me through the field of grain

Standing in the rain as it washes away

All of our pains of yesterday

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