My Desire


The fight to be holy I have always fought

Striving daily to remain firm to the course of which I was bought

The ultimate prize paid with the highest price


My creator demands i be holy

For he is holy

But my weakness seems to get the best of me

Leaving me broken at the end of  it all


Sometimes it seems am so close to being holy

But flesh never lets me be

Nothing is wrong with me

All I need is a heart like my savior


A heart so strong like the wind

Filled with love

So pure

A heart like yours is what am searching for


Lord you know my heart

And you know how i desire for you every second

I know am not all i can be

But I know i will make it


For as long as you stay by me all day

I will remain strong

And fight till my last

But I need a heart like yours Lord


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