There are many bitches in this world

But the worst is fate

It brings two different souls together

Gave them the idea of becoming one

Fills their lions with things which can never exist

Binds them to an unknown cause.

It brought me to a soul and I sold my all just to have the soul

A soul I know nothing about

Blindfolded me with unknown imagination and false ignition

My cause I forsook just for this unknown soul

Friends became enemies and enemies became friends

It aroused the force to believe in her

Made it look so real that I doubt it not.

Life they say is regulated by fate

But I believe it not because am not a bitch like her

Only bitches will ever believe so

Fate is a bitch and can never dictate what happens in life

Who we meet and who we love has nothing to do with fate

But man made it look like she has all in her palms

Bleaching bitch.

I hate fate I hate her principles

Why bring two souls together when you know they will certainly part?

Why join two causes that are never meant to be?

Why thwart destinies of men and made them look like fool?

Only a bitch does that and certainly you are the worst bitch

Men lay their trust in you only to be betrayed at last

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