Sad Me

A crush is a nice thing to have

It makes you feel nice


Cared about

Thought about

And so on

But when you see a lot of people crushing on each other

And you’re the only one without a crush

It makes you feel sad

But sometimes you might feel happy you don’t have a crush and somebody doesn’t have a crush on you

But deep down inside

Your slowly dying of loneliness

You’re happy because you don’t want to get hurt

But you would actually risk anything to be loved

I know how you feel

I was vulnerable to the heart breaking

And I got it broken

Into tiny pieces

I don’t go for it no more because crushing is just a waste of time

But for people who love “love” thinks it’s everything and will do anything to try and find their soulmate

And when they find that person they live happily ever after

But some don’t

Some die from it

Some suffer depression

I almost did

But I never gave up

I searched and searched

But no luck

So I’m giving up on it

Why bothering keep going when there’s nobody to love you

I just sit here…

On my bed…

And cry myself to sleep…

Knowing… that nobody likes me…

One thought on “Sad Me”

  1. Commenting on the poem ‘Sad Me’ I resonate so much with this poem. I feel that what used to be people’s small social circle has now turned out to be the whole wide world and making friendships and finding love is so much harder. People are so much fussier. But sometimes I feel I would rather be alone the get hurt and find myself unable to take he plunge for self preservation reasons. But actually I am learning to be happy being alone.

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