An eagle you are in the eyes of your pairs

Your wings so strong that no tide you can’t break

The winds are your compass

And your pick strength in times of quake


Just yesterday we both strayed into the iceland

Thoughts of how we are survive rang so deep

But you never looked broken

For you are not a stranger in a strange land


You are like a fountain

So clean like crystal sea

Creatures of the earth drink from thee

And their strengths are renewed


If you’re a damsel

Many will sell  their treasures

Gold miles will be dug just for you

But you are more than a damsel


Gingsart I call you

Thou master of all art

My name is Gings

And thou my beloved is art


You found me in the time when all I needed was love

Gave me the true definition of love

Gave me that which no man can ever give

And for that I will love you until eternity





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