This lady is funny

Taking me for a nanny

Just because we chatted on facebook

And I read her a book

She felt she has met an ATM

Even when my name does not start with an M


I gave her my word

That she would be my world

I promised to call her every morning

But she wanted nothing

But my money

She told me to give her half

Of everything I have

After two weeks of fruitless demands

And numerous stressful command

She realized I was not her fool

I only wanted to swim her inner pool

She decided to arouse my passion

By toying with my emotion


She visited me at home

Tempting my hammer with her hole

She felt she would able

To control me with her apple

But after painful pleasure

She left without my treasure


Now we are only mutual friends

I’m now one of her ex boy friends

She is just fine sleeping with the guys she met online

Rather than nursing her shame

She sees having many Ex as fame

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