My Fight For Your Love

He was very beautiful of a truth,
This love that has left his scar in your heart..
Whose skin was white as curd,
His eyes green as the cedars of Lebanon,
And his lips, tamarisk honey.

Like the breast of a dove, his arms were soft.
And the wine of desire was in his veins…
He shines as beautiful and brightly as a jewel…..
A jewel with brilliant fire and his words gives complete warmth.

My hands are not so soft as his
But they can serve
My body not so white as his skin
But they are strong
My lips are not perfumed…….
But they speak the truth

Love is not an art to me
It’s life to me.
I am not dressed in gold and fine linen
Strength and honor are my clothing.

My tents are not the columned halls of Egypt…
But my children are playing happily before them.
I can offer you little….
But I offer all I have.

Loving you is my choice
Staying with you has been my desire
But your heart…………
This jewel has taken.

Am going to give my best shot to get it back
For I shall not be jealous of a memory
I shall create my own memory in you
And until the end of time it shall stay with you my love.
He was very handsome of a truth

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