Goodbye to you my darling Joy

This world is not a home to live in

The world is just a stage for mortal men

And you are not a mortal but an angel

Goodbye from the world of pain and loss of gain


I miss your smile my angel

I used to walk down the miles with it

For it makes walking down the miles worthwhile

A smile from an angel I treasured so much

Goodbye from the world of mortal men


I miss your teasing my darling friend

I miss your lovely and innocent face

I miss the moments we spent together

I miss your touch and sense of humor

That face that always beam with smile


Now I stand alone in this world

Filled with adversaries at all rounds

I stand tasting different forms of pains and bonds

No smile or tease from my beloved

No beauty to behold


The moment you closed your eyes

I knew the world would never be the same

For it is left without an angel…..

Leaving pains at every angle

But who is to be blamed


Am left with a huge vacuum in my heart

The one no mortal can fill

My heart is filled with pains

I feel your presence all day

But you are nowhere to be found


I wish to always be by your side

But fate will never let me be

Fate brought us together my darling angel

Same fate has now parted us

Goodbye to you my precious angel


I long for the day I shall see you again

The day your presence shall fulfill my zeal

Am tired of imagination

Because it’s never real

I long for you my beautiful Joy


Please pray along with me my angel

For the time seems to be too long

Let’s pray together to meet so soon

For my heart is longing for your love

Please pray with me with darling treasure


Goodbye to an angel is hard to say

My light has been quenched and filled with darkness

I stumble all day all the way

But I shall see you again my darling Joy

Goodbye until we meet again my most beloved treasure


I say goodbye with a heavy heart

Am no longer a freeman

For I am bound in chains of pains no gains

Until I see you again my angel

I shall remain bound


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