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hi, all the readers

My name is Osalam Wosu. I’m a lover of the arts, mostly history, symbolism, etc… I took on the pen name” Two Edged pen”. I am a student of Chemical Engineering in Nigeria.

  This is an avenue for me to share my thoughts to all through poetry and prose. I will also feature literary news events and personalities from all over the world but with Africa as a main attraction.

poet from nigeria
Osalam Wosu
African Melodies is a digital enterprise with the mission to establish a rallying point for African writers, poets, artists and literature enthusiasts to commune and broadcast the beauty of the African continent, its cultures, beliefs and its voice through their craft(s).
This site showcases unique works of art, poetry(performance and written), literature and essays from both established and emerging writers, artists and poets in Africa. In addition we keep you up-to date with the latest literary news in Africa.
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