Moon watch

by Osalam Wosu

Knees pointing up and back on grass

The chance to see her I dare not pass

Anticipating her beauty like that of a highborn lass

Which men of all ages yearn for, gathering en masse.

A glorified steward of the night

Riding with raiment of celestial white

Ruling the dark with a scepter of light

And then submitting to aurorean might.

Insomnia comes with every complete lunation

So I run to gaze once again on this apparition

To look on you and your guards, the stars; a tradition

I have that is subject to eternal repetition.

From waning to a waxing crescent

The cycle you take so decent

During your heavenly ascent

Returning to Him from whom you were sent.

Forebearer of the orb that constitutes the day

For a while longer I wish you’d stay

And with your reflection in the water I’d play

Till when our goodbyes we’d say.

A dusky night rides down the sky, ushering in the morn

With the sun just above the ears of corn

Leaving me sad and utterly forlorn

And the memory of our little date, torn.


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  1. beautifully written Osalam!
    just tray add a featured image as well,then the chances for hitting the url by visitors will definitely increase

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