Woodland Fire and Afterlife

Stacked up money defines rich
Like tomfool said your vehement belief
A magic, a wonder, a gradual change 
Inebriated mess, you let it become
Like flame is that rich, so glorious and bright
As woodland on fire, you let it burn self
None to stop, charred and burned your soul.
With wind flew its ashes, remnants of emotions
No face in the mirror, No shadow in the sun
No love to feel, No heart to beat.
Tight in the hold of devil named money 
A drug it was, the power you felt.
Cackled as a maniac, ripped own humanity,
Now stop acting human, you are not one.
Got no rightful place with mother Earth
A dead weight no more, prepare to go 
With no one to love, to miss you in leave
Find a new planet, Find your peace.

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