“Fairies Speak about such things”by: “KAE BUCHER” from CALIFORNIA


Fairies Speak about such things

What are heavens made of that some were made to sigh?
And others made to laugh at them and make girls wish to die?
Fairies speak about such things…

Winds of wingless angels watch untouchable girls huddle
Dark clouds shove little girls into ugly mud-bled puddles
Fairies cry about such things…

Wheat colored girls sip rainbows they tie their hair in ribbons
Listen to their pretty songs and follow them to kittens
Fairies forget about such things…

White gold cotton wraps her chocolate colored bliss
She is an evening full of white stars, a cocoa covered kiss
Fairies sing about such things

Dusky Cinderella washes white rice, white veined flowers
Prince Charming picks Black Diamond for his special hour
Fairies sing and dance…. whisper love songs… I grow wings..


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ABOUT KAE BUCHER: She lives in California where she  eavesdrops on mustard seed speeches and sweet pea dreams.  She sees her feet reach like  roots towards  seas where heartbeats… breathe her in… and poetry breathes out.

She was born in the Florida Keys, but grew up in the Bay Area before migrating south for college. She completed her bachelor’s in English at Fresno Pacific University in California, where she minored in Christian ministry. She has also had the privilege of serving as a youth pastor.

In addition to teaching special needs students and raising four children, she also studied Special Education as a graduate student at FPU. she has now been writing for over twenty years.



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