time [poem]

Take your things into your dream

It is not about running in life

Maybe clockwise is wiser than you

Ends is not about how you rotate it to fit you

To think every single step in your dream

In the aims you pursuing in life

Mocking bird is more popular than a singer

Every flag has its pole and no need to go rushly

The numbers are just your guide

If you believe, it just about moving

Mistake is mistakes even you turn it into justice

Except you are never look at your walls to find you time’s point


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Thaan Rakha ho kisi ne kuchh Agar to Khuda Khud Madad Karta hai,
Aey Bandey zara si Himmat to kar tu kyun Bekar me Darta hai.

Ek cheenti bhi Gir Gir ke Chadti hai Deewaar pe Baar Baar,
Tu Insaan hokar bhi ek hi bar Girne pe kyun Dam Bharta hai.

kyun Darta hai In Raaston ke Pattharon se Thokar Khaane se tu,
Ki Insaan Sambhalta Tabhi hai Jab Pehle Thokar Khake Girta hai.

Najaane kyun Ghabra Jaate hai Log Dekhkar Zakhmon ko Apney,
Ki Apney Zakhmon ko Dekhne se to Josh-e-Junoon aur Ubharta hai.

kya hua gar Naha Gaya Mehnat se nikle Paseene me Tu Aaj,
Ki Mehnat Ke Paseene me Nahane se to Naseeb aur Nikharta hai.

Meri Mushkilein Khud Pad Jaatin hai Mushkil me dekhkar buland Irade Mere,
Teri Isi Ada pe to Aey ‘Aatif’ Ye Saara Aalam Marta hai.

a Ghazal composed by SABAH UR REHMAN-Aatif

My Inspirational Poetry:- “FIGHT TILL YOUR LAST BREATH”


If Blood is Showering Out of Your veins,

If the Lesions & wounds are Giving you Pain

And Even If Circumstances are Showing your Death,

In spite of that, Fight Till Your Last Breath.


No Matter If you are Sailing On a Tidal Ocean,

No Matter If conditions Prevailing give you Tension

And Even If There is No Time Left For you to Regret,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


What Happen If Night Always Comes Before the Morning,

What Happens if Every second Intensity of Darkness is Increasing

And Even If, darkness is Giving Brightness a Terrible Threat,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


What Happens If you feel yourself alone on this Land,

What Happens, If your Shadow Remains your Only Friend

And Even If,you are Deprived of Love From anybody as yet,

In spite of that,Fight Till Your Last Breath.


It is Blissful, If you come out as Victorious in the End,

But if all Your Efforts & Attempts Go in to the Sand

Then You Need not to Strike your Head with a Stone,

Because Fighting Till Last Breath is a Victory on its Own.

A Inspirational Poetry Composed By:- Syed Sabah ur Rehman-‘Aatif’