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 I’ve Always Told You

No, I’m not misunderstanding anything. 
You have always been a free-spirited, 
Straight forward, eloquent, and articulate. 
And I miss that, I’ve always told you.

You always spoke your mind, 
You talked whatever you wanted,
Without thinking who thinks what about you.
And I admire that, I’ve always told you.

So, if you are not saying, ‘I miss you,’ 
What do you expect me to believe? 
I believe you don’t miss me. 
And I distaste that, I’ve always told you.

When I confronted you for being mean to me, 
All you said was, you’re misunderstanding me.
Then, you began giving explanations. 
And I hate that, I’ve always told you.

You can’t expect me to realize on my own, 
If you’re not saying it out loud as you always did,
I think, either you don’t miss me or you’ve changed.
And I realize that, I’ve always told you.

You’ve always been vocal to express love to me,
We had to part ways, but never resented each other,
Then why not to be vocal about missing me?
And I resent that, I’ve always told you.

This means only one thing, you’ve changed.
You’re not the person I fell in love with. 
The distance, the new environment changed you. 
And I believe that, I’ve always told you.

And even if you want to give explanation for that, 
You better keep it to yourself. 
I don’t expect explanations from unknown people.
And I resolve that, I’ve always told you.

Whatever the excuse or explanation you have,
I just want to tell you, I’ve always missed you.
Your place in my life is irreplaceable. 
I know that, you know that, 
And I don’t have to tell you that.




Hi, Dear Reader!!
I am Pratik Kirve From Pune, India. An Avid Reader, Cool-minded Introvert, who always sees the world around him from own point of view & gets lost in his own world! I like daydreaming & believing that it’s possible.
The purpose of my writing is to tell people that they are not alone. There are people who feel the same way you felt when you were going through the same situations I portray in stories and poems. I felt the loneliness for almost a year. And I tried to escape from reality in that period through stories and poetry. So, I started writing personal stories as well as stories of people who have gone through a struggle to give strength to others.
Besides poetry and stories, I like football. I am a huge fan of Manchester United. I love drinking cold coffee. I also love listening to music, especially Eminem and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan



Guest post Poetry:-“YEARNING HEART”

Yearning Heart

I will have you in front of me one day
Smile, look at you smile back, and shy away,
Sit you down and just gaze at you.
I will be on the seventh sky, sorrow no longer true. 

Till that day arrives there is this yearning. 
A lamp of absence that keeps burning.
Longing for your touch that ignites fire
Our souls entwined is my desire.
Becoming one is something of fantasy, 
It can be possible if you can be my ecstasy. 

Come to your beloved as I adorn,
Wear garments with jewels, never worn. 
I will embrace you with all the love there is
We will chatter whatever your heart says.

by:- A Guest Author

a brief introduction about the poet:

She is a medical student who loves cultures from around the world and spiritualism. Her niche is learning and talking about naturopathic/holistic medicine and remedies for healing and prevention. If you are looking for any type of DIY remedies and more, for a more beautiful you, inside and out, stay tuned because she has a lot of amazing stuff coming.Her blog focus on healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, Ayurvedic and holistic view of diseases, and personal blogs ranging from poetry, stories and beauty treatments.

“LAST TIME I SAW YOU”by a Guest Poet-Jillian Joyce of Scotland

“Last Time I Saw You”

You lived on Bank Street

third floor, top left –

I remember the door,

holding my breath,

as it opened

and you’d appear

with a book in your hand,

a cutting remark

on the tip of your tongue.

Naked one time;

still slippy

from the water I could hear gurgling in the drain.


Your flatmate watching as I

slip awkwardly from your grasp,

face blank as stone

while we play stoner games

I keep winning;

laughing all the way back out your door.


Later you drag me to a café

with your new and far more suitable girlfriend.

She and I studiously avoid each other’s gaze

( thanking god for the hangers-on who are tripping balls, Man)

me, because she is so much prettier than I:

her, because she is so far above me 

she might be riding on a cloud.


I watch her flawless mouth

sip bitter expresso,

marble with anxiety

over who will be next?

(You have already jokingly informed me

you are working very hard on one of her friends.)


The urge to gorge on the pain of others

flows strong along old Bavarian waterways.

The forests around familiar towns

are filling up with graves.

In another life

where painful truths

coexist with uneasy truce,

I tried to tell you, last time I saw you.

‘You frighten me,’

I said, (or words to that effect)

‘With your appetites and your disregard for the rest of the human race,’

but you just laughed and rolled over and went back to sleep

by: Jillian Joyce

Biography of the Author:

Jillian Joyce lives in Glasgow in Scotland which is always an interesting place to be. She has been writing for as long as she can remember – documenting, exaggerating and plain old fibbing (or fiction writing, as we call it) about her experiences on this far-flung little piece of the (current) UK. Her work has appeared in print and online magazines including Flashquake, Firstwriter and Cutting teeth and her poem ‘Remnants of a Catholic girlhood’ can be found in the 2016 GWL anthology ‘Mixing the Colours: women speaking about sectarianism’

see her work on WOMEN’S LIBRARY

A Very Romantic poetry:-“HAN YE MOHABBAT HAI” (YES IT IS LOVE)


         Hota hai Jab Zikra-e-Mohabbat to Naam Zehan me Tera Aata hai, 
        Mohabbat Mayne Sirf Tu hai Mujhe To bas Inta Samajh Aata hai .

        Main khud bhi Aazma Leta hun Apni Mohabbat ki Dewangi Kabhi,
        Ki band Karun Jaise hi Aankhen To Chehra Tera Nazar Aata hai.

        Hai Mujhko is Baat ka Ahsaas ki Maujood nahi hai Paas Tu mere,    
        To Phir Pehlu me Baitha ho Tu Jaise dil ye Kyun Ahsaas Karata hai.

        Mar Jaaye Jo Kisi ki Yaad Me Usey Deewaana Kahte Hain Log,
        To Phir Marey Jo Har Lamha Kisi ke Liye Wo Kya Kahlaata hai.

        Chahey Laakh Khafa Rahun Tujhse Main Teri Kisi Baat Se Lekin,
        Dekhta Hun Jaise hi Soorat Teri To Phir Pyaar Aa Jaata hai.

        Peeye Itne Ashq Teri Aankhon Se Maine Ki ab To Ye Aalam hai,
        Ki Udhar Jab Roti Tu hai To Idhar ‘Aatif’ Aansun Bahaata hai.

      A Ghazal Composed By Syed Sabah ur Rehman-‘Aatif’

“WHY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” a Guest poetry by: Damandeep Kaur


Your eyes are like a sea,
the door of my heart’s key…

I don’t know why I love you so much…
that can’t hear anything wrong about you though not being physically in touch..

Staying with you forever is my dream of every day n night,
spending countless romantic evenings with you is the best dream coming true in my sight…

The whole world around seem to be stopped…
first time my love when I kissed you my heart was on the seventh sky’s top…

The warmth of your hug is the best feeling I ever get…
and of course our first hug my love how can I forget…

You came to me with a rose in your hand,little shyness in your eyes and a blushing face…
hugged me tight ,oh my god how beautiful were those days…

your hand in my hand best were those romantic walks……
your pinky finger in my pinky finger and our those long late night talks…

when we both get frustrated after our every fight..
A kiss on forehead just set everything right…

Skype dates are not that bad …
after such beautiful experiences of hugs and kisses we had…

I write you..just by seeing you on my Skype date..
you’re so beautiful in my words then how much beautiful you would be in reality I wonder my soulmate


Something About the Poet

She is pursuing her graduation in economics honours from
Amity University,Noida.

She write poems in English,hindi and punjabi and most of them based on love,romance and pain.





“My Love My Life” a Poetry by Guest Poet: Jyoti Yadav


“My Love My Life”

My life, my love is all yours,
I will gonna love you forever.

I wanna tell you that you are a bliss,
But still, i must tell you that i have a wish.

When i die, burry me in backyard of our home,
Don’t burn me with the traditional norms.

I know, on this, you would be about to cry,
But look at stars i will be in the sky.

Get me buried there, this have a reason,
Because i will always be with you every season.

Because i wanna be alive till my last breath,
Because i wanna be alive even after my death.

When you will grow plants in backyard,
In every flower, i will be smiling at you like a guard.

When you walk barefoot on grass,
You will feel me with every footstep pass.

When winds will blow,
You will smell me with the wind flow.

Because i wanna love you till my last breath,
Because i wanna love you even after my death.

When storm will come, don’t be numb.
Because protective wall i will become.

Don’t fear when it’s dark,
See me in light when it sparks.

When our children will play in lawn,
I will be watching them from dawn.

When you will be cooking inside,
I will feel the craving in wide.

Because i wanna be with you till my last breath,
Because i wanna be with you even after my death.

When it will be your birthday, Dress up like a pretty doll,
Because i will be still looking at you like a heart fall.

When our family will be celebrating together
I will be enjoying seeing you all getting stronger.

When you will be old, don’t make your life on hold.
I will still be with you, as i told.

Don’t be sad when you miss me,
I will always be around you in the winds,
Just hold your breath and kiss me.

Because I wanna be alive till my last breath,
Because I wanna be alive even after my death.

Composed by: JYOTI YADAV

About the Poet

“Aahista – Aahista”

“Aahista – Aahista”
Ya Rab Chad Raha hai Mujh pe Ye Kiska Asar Aahista Aahista,
Mera dil De Raha hai Mujhe Ye kis ki Khabar Aahista Aahista.

Ab Tak Bada Bemaani sa Ja Raha tha Safar Zindagi ka,
Par ab kyun lag Raha hai Suhaana ye Safar Aahista Aahista.

Chhod di thi Maine To Ummeed Raat Khatm Hone ki,
par ab Hoti Dikh Rahai hai Mujhe Sehar Aahista Aahista.

Us Pehli Mulaqaat Me Samjha Nahi ki Ye Kya ho Raha Mujhe,
Samjha Tab Jab Aane Laga Aaene me Wo Nazar Aahista Aahista .

Mere Izhaar Pe Jab Sharma ke Palkein Jhuka Lin Usne,
To karne Laga Madhosh Mujhe wo Manzar Aahista Aahista .

Roke Rakha hai Jo Uske Naam ka Samandar Apni Aankhon me,
Lipat ke Seene Se Uske Baha dunga Wo Samandar Aahista Aahista.

Khul ke Saamney Aane Lagega Dheere Dheere Chehra Uska,
Cheerega Jaise Jaise Koi Jab ‘Aatif’ Ka Jigar Aahista Aahista.

A Ghazal Composed By Syed Sabah ur Rehman-‘Aatif’