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“Not Sink Yet, then Go On!” (Haiku)

And sun hang high still

Fisher wade through the huge waves

Night will always come

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HAIKU by Rijal Muammar from Indonesia

Rijal is an author of a book in poetry titled as BUKANTOLOGI, that written in Bahasa (Indonesian Language). For more awesome poems, Find him on:

Medium: Kerijalan

Instagram: bukantologi


Will of Fire/A Desire in Dire

Red fluid oozed from my feet, onto the pavement below, staining it crimson.

This is not the path that I thought,

Thorns as sharp as blade -pricked, pierced, pained- spilling flesh over stone.

This is not the place I sought,

Misery in the form of unhappiness, agony in the form of suffering.

This is not the dream that I bought,

Hopelessness, Utter hopelessness! Helplessness, vulnerably helplessness!

This is the burden of the fate that I caught.

Oh! I cried, looking at the dreadful passage that I have taken,
From this nightmare, this hollow dream, I soon shall awaken,
Walk on! Walk on! One step after another, mile after mile,
The destination is nearing, I shall rest in a while.

Through all my lament, my howl, my yelp, my bark; it still burns within me – the fire,
I looked at the winding way as it grew ahead me in length -happy, smiling, overjoyed- because I travel in the road of my desire.


Hello all,
Prabu here, I usually don’t do much poetry, I stick to short stories (you can check it out in my page).


I wrote this poem during a tough period in my life; my first job. The job was hard, life wasn’t easy with me being away from society and sailing around in a rust bucket, made me doubt the carrier path I had taken but I endured and came out on top. Thank you for listening to me ramble.

time [poem]

Take your things into your dream

It is not about running in life

Maybe clockwise is wiser than you

Ends is not about how you rotate it to fit you

To think every single step in your dream

In the aims you pursuing in life

Mocking bird is more popular than a singer

Every flag has its pole and no need to go rushly

The numbers are just your guide

If you believe, it just about moving

Mistake is mistakes even you turn it into justice

Except you are never look at your walls to find you time’s point


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“usoolon ki baat hai “(its a matter of principles) by “a guest poet aruna sharma

usoolon ki baat hai

Usoolon ki baat he,

Kaise nakaar doon.

Ye mere jabaaton se vabsta;

Kyonker inkaar karoon.

Baat baat pe bematalab fasaad;

Kaise haan kar doon.

Fijool ke bahas aur sath tere chand tamaashbeen;

Kaho to aur laa doon.

Mere muhobbat ki mahkti bagiya aur;

Door desh se aate parinden,dikha doon.

Muhobbat ki duniya me ye sab;

Hargiz nahi hota,gar mein thaan loon.

Ziddi ko uski aukaat me la;

Insaaaniyat ka sabak sikha doon.

Dil ko cheer ke ek qatra khoon se;

Bahta pyaar ka dariya banaa doon.

Tum sab ek jaan ho us Rab ki;

Is qaynaat ka asal roop dikha doon.

Ya Rab!!de itni qoovat mujhe;

Har soon pyaar ka paigaam failaa doon.

Yehi mera usool he zindgi ka;

Inke saaye me teri qoovat bhi mila doon.

Bus yahi iltiza he-tere sabhi qaynaat me;

Pyaar ke phoolon ki khusboo failaa doon.

Written by aruna sharma


Saraab (miraj) a guest post Ghazal by “ARUNA SHARMA”

Saraab (miraj)

Tu bhatkata he kahan ,aye musafir!!

Vahaan bhi saraab,yahaan bhi saraab.

Zindgi ko samajh na payaa koi,jaise koi khwaab.

Teri manjil tere kadamon tale ,na chod apna khana-khraab.


Ye jo muhobbat he,chipa le dil me banaake zindgi ka shabaab.

Yahaan har banda khud bane firta he khuda,nahi uska koi jawaab.

Tere dil me chipa qatra-e-ishq,vo hi teri zindgi ka mahtaab.

Jara sir ko jhuka,dekh dil ka aaina,vo he teri ibaadat ka aaftaab.


Biyabaano me kyon jalaaye pa apne,

nakhlistaan he tera ye saraab.

Teri ek pukaar se saagar me aa jaata he jor ka sailaab.

Tere hi aage aake jhuk jaatehein sab magaroor jajbaat aakhir,aye janaab.


Tere pass dil he to sab se jiyada amir tu,baaki hein sab kharaab.

Dil ki daulat wala nahi kisi ka mohtaaj phir kyon fire he betaab.

Dekh jara ,aasmaan waale ne banaaya tujhe he kuch yun lajwaab.

Ki teri her dua me asar,ki teri her aah me he uglati si aag.

Tu aur tera dil bahut khuskismat,jaise faqir ki shakhsiyat bedaag.

Written by aruna sharma


Life Amid The Reaper ,A GUEST POETRY BY “Michael Carlino (Mr.Chilio Lane)”

Life Amid The Reaper 

I took a nap amid the rose
Only to wake, by a tickle of the nose
My eye caught the grace of the scarlet flower
So there I dozed for one more hour

I took a nap amid the bomb
Praying to sing just one more song
My ear rang, the screeching sound of death
I woke to find nothing left

I fell asleep amid my love
Within my arms she fit snug
My heart thumbed, an alluring beat
Then I heard a voice so sweet:

“Each day you live, you must reach higher
Soon enough this life will expire
Strive until there’s nothing left
Persist until you’ve lost your breath”

Some sit in chairs, pondering thoughts
Others open bags to see what they bought
You chose the path that suits you proper
So why not choose gold, instead of copper

I searched the depths for something deeper
Then closed my eyes amid the reaper

by: Michael Carlino